Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blog tips

I've been looking at the blogs done by Southern Maryland participants in "23 Things." It is amazing the variety in styles, content and quality. Some blogs are excellent and reflect a lot of work; others, not so much.

Here are some tips that will help make your blog better:

*Name each post appropriate to the "Thing" you are blogging about, i.e., "Thing 5: Flickr".

*Short is not sweet. Don't write single line entries. Write about your learning experience. So, don't just write, "I tried Flickr today. The End." Write about what you thought about the "thing" (likes and dislikes), how you might use the product or knowledge in your personal and/or professional life. Think about how each product can be used in the library setting.

*The best blogs include tidbits of the personal among the professional discussions.

*Use pictures and graphics to spice up your blog. You don't have to use pictures of yourself or family members. You can pull graphics from the web to jazz up the topic.

*Spell check.

*Don't forget that you can always edit your post after it has been published.

*Have fun!

Some good Southern Maryland "23 Things" blogs:


Amy said...

Why, thank you, Susan! I almost feel like I'm cheating, getting credit for going through 23 Things, I use so many of these web 2.0 tools already. But I love to ponder library innovations, and I really feel that if more of our staff can understand more about web 2.0 and its use in the library and our lives, we can offer better and more relevant library services to our patrons.

mwhoolery said...

Thanks, Susan! I've been away from 23 things for a few weeks and just saw your comment.

April_Layne said...

Thank you for posting mine as "interesting"!

Angie said...

I completely agree with what you said, I think it shows a lot more interest when you elaborate more on your "Things" and what you have accomplished. Sometimes I worry that I am writing too much though. Thank you for all the encouragement, I definitely appreciate it!