Monday, July 23, 2007

Things 16-17: Wiki wacky wonky

Oy vey! There seems to be no end to how a wiki could be utilized! I had flashes of ideas as I was reading through the various articles.

For example, Access Southern Maryland is currently just a bland website of weblinks. Why not expand it into a more interactive community-driven Wiki that still has all the websites we've selected but much, much more?!

Many libraries have been working to make themselves a physical hub of the community. With community programming and useful workshops, libraries have attracted people to library who may otherwise have never visited. What about making the library’s website the online hub of the community? Libraries could create a community wiki that would be a one-stop-shop for community information. With the input of the entire community, it could become whatever the community needs it to be. Want to know who the best mechanic is for fixing old Toyotas? Check the automotive reviews on the wiki. Want to know when your child’s next Little League game is? Check the team information page the coach set up on the
wiki. Want to find the spiciest Thai food in town? Read the member reviews in the restaurant section. Anyone could add new informative content. The library could team up with other local organizations to develop, maintain and add content to the wiki, but the bulk of the content will come from average member of the community. Opening up a community guide to the public allows a wealth of information to flow in that can make the library’s website a true community resource.

[From: Using Wikis to Create Online Communities, by Meredith Farkas.]

I also like the idea of having policy and procedure manuals online in a wiki format--not necessarily so all outsiders edit them, but to make it easier for selected staff members to quickly perform updates. I know that we have some manuals that this format would be ideal for, since we are constantly adjusting our procedures and rules based on customer demand.

I am still torn between doing a wiki for acquisitions or doing a blog. The blog format would be more manageable, but maybe there would be more buy-in from our customers if they knew they could add content too.

Something to think about.

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CraBas said...

I just read your comment about my wiki on my blog site. I went through the steps myself and got in okay. I'm not sure what the trouble was. Please try again. I posted a response to your comment on my blog that basically walks you through the steps. If you still have trouble I don't know what else to suggest.