Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thing 18, part 2: More musings

I actually think that it might be better to use an online productivity tool to write blog posts. It was quite easy to create a document and then download it to my blog.

Zoho has many more options when it comes to formatting text than Blogger and I like this more "Word"-like ability.

I will have to seriously consider this option when creating my next blog.

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writing_here said...

I've even composed in Word or even Notepad and then used cut -> paste to post to my blog. This is helpful when traveling. One can compose on the plane or train and then post later when one's laptop finds a free wifi connection.

I haven't yet tried using a Google Docs word processing thing to compose a post, but I would guess that there might be a way to publish to blogger via Google Docs (if not now, maybe they have one in the pipeline). The only thing about using an online document type of software is that it would lack the ability to be used without a Internet connection.